Need Some Summer Cash? 18 Ways to Make Money This Weekend!

One of these might be just right for you!

Make Extra Money

Do you need money to pay for something important this week? Do you need some extra money to spend on an outing with friends? Do you want to take a nice vacation? You’re making money but your own income is just not sufficient to cater all your needs. There could be over a hundred reasons that you might need to earn a little extra money. Well, we have shortlisted 18 solid ways for you to earn a few extra dollars this weekend.

Run errands or do odd jobs for people

TaskRabbit is an online portal where you can get paid by doing simple tasks for people.  Best part is that you choose whichever jobs suits you the best. For example, someone in your neighborhood may be looking to hire someone to pick up their dry cleaning or buy a birthday gift for a party.

Explore the site:

Become a driver

If you haven’t heard of Uber, you may be hiding under a rock.  Uber is the next generation taxi service that connects drivers to folks needing rides. You become the driver, shuttling people around to their next destination. Drivers, who have a sound driving record and have a “nice” car can get paid north of $25/hour.

Other similar firms include Lyft and Curb are two other ride sharing services where you can easily make a $100 in a weekend.

Don’t want to deal with people?  You can deliver packages for Amazon.  Amazon Flex allows you to be your own boss and set your schedule.  On top of that you can make $18-$25/hour.  You can also work to deliver food for Uber Eats which is an extension of Uber.

Tutor online

If you are love to teach or an expert in a specific area, you may consider offering your knowledge as a tutor.  There are a number of opportunities available to teach online across a variety of different platforms. The pay varies depending on the site and the subject with which you want to teach. Top tutors can make up to $1,000+month.

Here are a few tutoring sites to check out:

StudyPool – Earn money by answering homework questions and assignments

CheggTutors: Pay starts at $20 an hour – Are looking for college students, teachers, and professors across a variety of subjects.

You should also consider tutoring locally, which allows more freedom and you have the ability to set your own rates. It’s not uncommon for tutors to make $30-$75/hour depending on the topic.Teach an online course

More than 15million people use Udemy’s online teaching marketplace. If you have an area of expertise you can post a course and have people join your course.  The site boasts over 20,000 passionate instructors and 45,000 courses, so if you want to stand out, you’ll have to create quality material to be recognized. The average instructor makes $8,000  Resell items from thrift stores or your attic

Go to a thrift store and pick up some books, picture frames, or dresser.  And then list your products on Craigslist, Facebook, or Offerup. Find something in your attic or basement that’s been collecting dust.  Someone may be able to make use of your items.

Sell items on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online merchant with more than 50% of all online searches starting with the merchant. They make it really easy for merchants to join their platform. Nearly 3M merchants account for about 50% of all of Amazon’s sales.

An easy way to start is to buy a bundle of products from the dollar store, list it online and get started.  Amazon will take their cut, but a popular product could lead to hundreds of dollars a day.

Rent out your house

If you live in a city where a big event is happening, or where tourists come very often, consider renting out your home on Airbnb to make some cash! You can become a host in the following three listed ways. Sites like Tripping, FlipKey and HomeAway are alternatives if you are interested in renting out your home.

Sell your used books

If you have old books and textbooks sitting around, BookScouter will search online buy-back sites to find the ones that will offer you the most money for each book. You will not only get some cash but also have some cleaning of the space the books had occupied for a long time.

Temporary work

Many offices need temporary workers, so old-school companies like Kelly Services do still exist and list such opportunities. aggregates listings by location. Do an Internet search to find local listings and get your weekend job in an instant, if you continue doing that for a few weekends and keep on successfully getting job you get a good profile made.Walk dogs

If you have a flexible schedule and a passion for pets, ask friends, family or neighbors if they might need a dog walker. You can also post your services on dog walking sites like or even at


If you love babies and love to take care of them use SitterCity or to get your desired job for babysitting or caring for someone. You can also ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they could use a sitter or know of other families looking for one.

Photograph or play music at weddings

If you’re a musician or photographer, advertise your skills for weddings or other commercial events on your own portfolio site or with a service like Thumbtack, Gigmasters, Gigsalad, WeddingWire, and Snapknot.

Be a mystery shopper

Mystery shopper services are an independent assessment of your operating procedures, code of conduct and your customers’ real experience. Mystery shopping in a retail, hotel, restaurant or automotive environment helps you identify gaps in expectation and take the necessary remedial action.

Get hired to shop and then report back on your experience. Find out how it works and then, to avoid mystery shopping scams, find legitimate opportunities at the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

Test websites for $30 an hour

Ever visit a website and you thought about how bad or how great it was? Now you can get paid to share your thoughts.

Just open a website, click around, and get paid. New or updated website owners compensate you to test their sites.

To do this job from home, you will need to be internet savvy and speak fluent English. You will also need some basic equipment like a computer with a microphone, internet connection, and an updated web browser. Most tests take between 5 – 25 minutes to complete and pay an average of $10 per test.

If you’d like to work from home testing websites, here are many sites to check out:

TestingTime, TryMyUI, Userfeel, Userlytics or Validately.Become a freelancer or freelance writer

Freelancing is very helpful for someone who is a student and doesn’t have time to go out and work but needs some extra money for living or simply for pocket money, or a mother and a housewife who doesn’t want to go out work and leave her child/children for someone else to take care but has some good skills to make her earn cash sitting at home.

Trustyworthy sites like Upwork have thousands of employers who want to hire for all kinds of tasks where you can write or edit about anything from technology to business articles. Build your reputation and you can turn this into a full-time job. There are many other freelancing sites which let apply for thousands of different job on everyday basis.

Check out Toptal, Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and others.

Open an Etsy store

Essentially, Etsy is a marketplace for all things handcrafted from clothing, gifts, jewelry, games, and art. If you have something to offer, you can open an account and create a listing for your chosen product/s. Within the last couple of years, there have been hundreds of stories about people who started to sell their own products on the side, but soon left their day job to continue selling on Etsy full time. If you have a creative talent or skill – whether it’s creating art, sewing clothes, or making creative birthday banners – you can open an online store on and sell your wares for some quick cash. With your own Etsy store, you’re left in charge of pricing and, ultimately, how much you make.

Work remotely for a call center

If you have some really good communication skills and are a confident person you could be right for a call center job. Because many call center jobs are not location independent, finding work in this field is an easy way to earn some money from home. Dozens of sites list job openings for call-center representatives, including  Freelancer, and SimplyHired

Mow lawns or plow driveways

If you like being outdoors, mowing lawns in the summer or shoveling snow in the winter will allow you to make some money on the weekends. While you can usually find work by reaching out to your local community via word-of-mouth, flyers, or online message boards, the website Plowz & Mowz allows you to set up an online profile and reach more customers in your area.