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How Consumers Can Benefit from Amazon & Walmart Price Wars


How Consumers Can Benefit from Amazon & Walmart Price Wars

Reducing prices is a fantastic way to attract new customers. Amazon and Walmart are aware of this and have started a price war against each other. While this may mean stressful times for Amazon and Walmart, the immense price reductions could be beneficial for American consumers. Curious how you could benefit? Read our info below to find out!

Walmart Aims to Become the Most Affordable

Consumers could get the best deal at Walmart today, because the brand is looking to become the most affordable store in the country. Walmart used to be most affordable, but the arrival of new discount stores and Amazon changed that. Now, with the price wars ahead, Walmart aims to have the lowest price on 80 percent of its sales, which means serious discounts for American consumers.

Since Walmart does not only provide groceries, consumers could get better deals on toys, homewares and other products that Walmart stocks. Therefore, if you are considering several stores for your next grocery shop, you should certainly consider Walmart.

Achieving Better Sales

The reduced prices are a fact, because Walmart is looking at better deals from its wholesalers to carry the price reductions. Since Walmart is looking to shave of 15% of the acquisition price, consumers could see some outstanding reductions in their local Walmart store, leaving them with more value for money.

Consumers still wonder if other stores could rival Walmart by reducing their prices. Thus, they wonder if they could be missing out on other good deals by choosing Walmart as their regular grocery store. However, Walmart has claimed that other vendors would lose money if they would use the same pricing policy. Still, time will tell if consumers can get the most value for their money at Walmart.

Getting Deals on Amazon

Even though Walmart is trying to lure the consumer with better prices, consumers should not lose track of Amazon either, because this marketplace could still provide you with excellent deals. Customer value is the main concern of Amazon, so consumers can always find a better deal if they are willing to search for it.

Experts do claim that it will be difficult for Amazon to turn a profit, especially when they offer their products as cheap as those at Costco. However, this does not seem to discourage Amazon from offering these prices, so consumers can still benefit from using Amazon from time to time.

How to Get the Best Deals

When it comes to getting the best deal, it is always best to shop around. If you are serious about saving your hard-earned money, it is best to use some price comparisons online and see which store can offer you the best deal for the products you are after. Amazon, Costco and Walmart will be the main ones to look at, but there are still other stores that could have special deals available! Therefore, always look around before you decide to do your weekly grocery shop, because it could make a lot of difference to your wallet!

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