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The Finance Genie understands the importance of financial literacy and creating a solid foundation for future financial success. It’s our mission to make the longtime secrets, tricks, and hacks of self-made, high net worth individuals accessible to everyone. 

Our professional contributors are here to simplify complex topics and help guide you on your financial journey. The Finance Genie provides you with the tools and knowledge to understand the world of finance and make smart personal spending and saving decisions to improve your overall financial wellbeing. Whether you need help understanding the costs associated with buying a new home, how a rewards credit card can be beneficial, tips on saving money on clothes or when you travel, or understanding your retirement options and how a 401K can help automate your retirement.

The Finance Genie is here to arm you with the core knowledge and simple savings techniques to become financially independent and finally afford the things you never thought you could have. Making thoughtful and informed decisions about your finances are paramount and more important than ever in today’s economy.  

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