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An Inside Look Into What People Earn And The Jobs That They Have

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An Inside Look Into What People Earn And The Jobs That They Have

Each year Parade Magazine puts out their "What People Earn" special.  It gives you a peek inside the many jobs that American hold and the paychecks associated with those everyday people. We've also included a few celebrities into the mix to see how everyone lives.  

The U.S. Census Bureau announced last year that the real median household income in the United States increased to $59,039, an increase in real terms of 3.2 percent.  This is different than individual earnings as there could be mulitple people contributing to that $59,000 figure.

Additionally, its imperative to note where people are living, as the cost of living could be significantly different for someone living in New York City vs someone living in rural parts of America.

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Sharon Daley, 66

Registered nurse and director of island health, Maine Seacoast Missions 


Isleboro, Maine

Daley travels on Maine Seacoast Missions’ MV Sunbeam to remote island communities to provide residents with regular checkups, vaccinations, flu clinics, wellness talks and medical counseling. Through telemedicine, she connects residents with other healthcare providers on the mainland. She loves the personal part of being “island” nurse and being able to really know the people and the communities she serves.


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