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Top Apps to Help You Start Investing


Top Apps to Help You Start Investing

Everyone knows that they should be investing their money, but many choose not because they are intimidated by investing.  In reality, though, investing couldn’t be simpler. You don’t need a business degree or even a high school diploma to start investing. With modern technology, there are many helpful apps available on various mobile devices that make investing money effortless, and even fun. Here are the top apps to help you start investing.

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Acorns truly is one of the simplest ways to invest money. You don’t have to worry about choosing where to invest or even how much. Acorns takes an idea which began with online banking and has nurtured it into an investing staple—rolling spare change into a separate account. Every time you spend money, Acorns rounds that amount to the next dollar and invests it into an index fund, which is an extremely diverse fund mirroring an entire stock exchange.

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