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Amazing Facts About Your Credit Card You Didn’t Know (Yet)

Credit Card Facts

Credit Cards

Amazing Facts About Your Credit Card You Didn’t Know (Yet)

Sometimes it is good to look at your credit card in a fun way, so today I would like to delight you with some fun facts about your credit card!

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The First Number Matters!

When you look at the first number on your credit card, you can get a clue about the type of card you have. If your credit card number starts with a 1 or a 2, it was issued by an airline. All American Express and Diners Club cards start with a 3.  Visa cards will always start with a 4, while MasterCard uses 5 and Discover Card 6. 7 is for gas cards; 8 is for telecommunication companies; and 9 is used for national assignments.

Check out this handy little infographic for what all those numbers on your credit card mean.

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