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Get Your Raise With the Following Pro Tips!

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Get Your Raise With the Following Pro Tips!

Are you overdue a raise at work? Have you been working your fingers to the bone, without that raise being mentioned? Do not let faith decide your finances and get that raise by applying the following pro tips!

The Briefcase Technique

You may tell your boss you deserve a raise, but showing your boss that you deserve that raise is even better! Prove how your work means more profit and savings for the company; this is bound to get your boss’ attention.

Open up your briefcase and give your boss a document you prepared; this document should contain all the essential information that proves how valuable you are for the company. Therefore, make sure that this document contains your performance review, how you can solve the boss’ problems and how your role in the company could provide those solutions.

Put a Realistic Offer on the Table

You may have some unrealistic expectations of what your raise should be, so it is recommend to find comparable salary ranges first. Check websites such as or, so you can determine what raise is realistic for your job.

Also, instead of giving your boss a precise wage you want to earn, it is better to propose a wage range. Now, this will always work in your benefit. By requesting a pay raise in the range of $45,000 – $65,000, you still give your boss some options and get your raise at the same time!

Do Something for Your Raise

Even though your past performance is enough for a raise, your boss might not see it in the same way. Therefore, you could propose a raise in six months instead of a raise right away.

The first thing to do is getting your boss to agree to considering a pay raise within six months. You give your boss the option to give you a specific goal to reach within those six months; this makes it less likely for your boss to refuse the raise when you reach the goal.

Practice How to Deal with Objections

You must consider that your boss will not be too excited to give you a raise, because your boss would prefer it if you stayed working for the same salary. Therefore, you must prepare for possible objections your boss could make; this could include statements such as “we don’t have the money”, “here’s a small raise”, “we simply cannot afford to give you a raise”, and “your colleagues are earning the same”.


Getting a raise might feel like a daunting process, because you have to confront your boss to get what you want. The key to success is being prepared; this means having an answer for every possible objection your boss may have.

Of course, if your boss refuses to pay you what you’re worth despite your best efforts of getting a raise, it might be best to look for a job where you are appreciated and paid accordingly. Even though this may feel like a major step, sometimes it is better to cut your losses.

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