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Five Places to Shop to Slash Your Grocery Budget


Five Places to Shop to Slash Your Grocery Budget

Have you ever looked at your monthly grocery spending and thought “Why is food so expensive?”  If so, you not alone.  It is estimated that food prices have risen 2-3% each year since the 1990’s and will continue to rise at this pace going forward.   Wow, that cannot be good for your wallet!  So, what can the budget conscious consumer do to eat healthy and save money on grocery spending?  The key is choosing grocery retailers that will provide substantial cost –savings, while still providing quality.

Check out the “Top Five Places to Shop If You Want to Slash Your Grocery Budget”

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  1. ALDI

Aldi is one of the top grocery chains to shop at for rock bottom prices.  They are able to offer, very low prices because they carry their own in-store brand products and customers bag their own groceries or not at all.  Most customers bring their own bags or purchase bags from Aldi for less than $0.10.

Each week Aldi puts out an ad for general sales and a special ad for meat products.  Aldi offers a variety of low priced basic necessities such as milk, bread and produce.  Prices for these items are significantly cheaper than larger retailers such as Walmart and Target.  Shoppers can find bargain prices for items such as grapes for $0.99 per pound!  Aldi currently operates in over 30 states in which prices can vary by region.

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