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The Ultimate 3 Day Spring Financial Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist


The Ultimate 3 Day Spring Financial Checklist

It’s spring and the trees and flowers are finally budding. After a long & cold winter, the change of seasons adds a little optimism to carpe diem. With this renewed sense of optimism, today is the perfect opportunity to check several items off your spring financial checklist that can be completed in the next 3 days.

We’ve broken it down into 3 Days –

Day 1:Rebalance Your Finances & Automate Your Spend

Day 2 – Plan Your Summer Vacation

Day 3: Boost Your Earning Potential

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Task #1: Track Your Spending

Before making any financial adjustments, you need to get an accurate snapshot of how you spend your money on a monthly basis. Using free budgeting tools like Mint or Personal Capital make it easy to track your spending & see just exactly how you spend.

For example, your goal may be to only spend $200 a month dining out. After tracking your spending, you realize that you actually spend closer to $300 each month. To continue spending this amount each month, you have to decide where you might have to reduce your spending to compensate. If you spend less somewhere else, like entertainment or insurance premiums, this might not be a hard decision.

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