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Disney Parks Becoming More Expensive!


Disney Parks Becoming More Expensive!

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for young families to struggle. Unfortunately, it looks like things are not becoming any easier, since Disney U.S. Parks stated that ticket prices will increase. So, if you want to visit the “happiest place on earth”, you might have to break the bank or do a considerable amount of saving before you can visit.

The price changes of entry tickets will be subject to a three-tiered pricing system, which Disney hopes will control some of the overcrowding the park must deal with. Therefore, the price of your entry ticket may vary by the time of year you want to visit the part. Single day tickets now come at a minimum price of $107, which is a two-dollar increase compared to ticket prices before the price change.

All Disney Parks to Experience Increases

None of the Disney parks will escape the price increase, since the new prices will be implemented on both Disneyland and Disneyworld. If you have a visit planned to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, you should expect a minimum price of $97, which is again a two-dollar increase. However, if you visit during a busy time of year, you might even be charged $124!

Not even deluxe and annual passes to gain access to the Disney Parks are escaping the price change. The deluxe pass was previously available for an already staggering amount of $599, but will now go up to $619. Even though some visitors may still benefit from the old prices, since the Signature, Premier and Signature annual passes stay at the same price in Disneyland, the same does not apply for the annual passes to Disneyworld. The old prices for the Signature, Premier and Signature Annual Passes won’t mean much to the average family either, since these passes cost anything up from $849 and includes a few perks that aren’t worth the drastic price increase to the average American family.

If you are looking to visit Disneyworld and renew your Annual Pass, you may be confronted with a serious price increase there as well. Platinum Passes have gone up with $30, costing you at least $779 for a Platinum Pass. The Platinum Plus Passes for Disneyworld have also increased by $40, costing you a minimum of $869 to gain access to their water parks and four theme parks.

The only real winners are visitors who can afford to buy the Premier Passport, which gives visitors access to Disneyworld and Disneyland all year long. Of course, Disney’s management is not putting in any extra perks here, because the price remains the same, more specifically $1439. And if you were planning to visit those parks by car, you may want to think again as well, because premium parking will now cost you at least $40.

To provide a response to these price changes, Disney released an email statement where they claimed the price changes were implemented for managerial reasons. They also claimed that the new prices for family entertainment were in line with what they offer, especially compared to other forms of entertainment such as concerts and football games. However, families and regular Disney park visitors are the ones that will determine if the price changes still reflect the quality entertainment Disney states it offers.


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