6 Secrets To Save Money at Amazon

One of the most elusive feats in online shopping is the ability to save money at Amazon. For the most part, you pay the price you see. Today, you will find out a few secrets to possibly save money on your next shopping trip to Amazon.

There are two different options to save money at Amazon. One involves finding deals before you make the purchase and the other is to get cash back after you have made the purchase.

Track Prices Before Buying

The first and most surefire way of saving money at Amazon is to find the lowest price before you checkout. Using an app can help you monitor the prices.

1. CamelCamelCamel

If you don’t have the time to physically visit Amazon every day or at least once a week to see if the price for items on your wishlist has decreased, CamelCamelCamel can help you save money. This free site tracks the prices of over 18 million Amazon product listings and will send you an e-mail or Twitter alert when the price drops.

You can also view price history charts to see how the pricing for specific products has increased or decreased in recent months.

2. Amazon Coupons

Amazon Coupons is part of the Amazon website. You can visit it at any time and electronically clip coupons that will be applied to your order when those items are placed in your cart.

Coupons are broken down into 12 different spending categories allowing you to easily browse for what you are looking for.

While these digital coupons can save you money, it is a lot like clipping coupons you receive in the mail or newspaper. They are only valid for specific products. For example, if you want to find a discount for baby diapers, there might only be a coupon for the Huggies brand. If you can only use the Pampers brand of diapers, you will need to pay full price.

3. Honey

Another unique app is Honey. Whenever you view a product on Amazon, they will notify you next to the Amazon price if you can save money by buying from a third-party Amazon merchant.

One example could be a cordless drill. Amazon might be selling it for $99.99, but, Acme Power Tools might have it listed for $93.99 on Amazon. Honey will notify you with an orange box that says “Save $6.00.” By clicking on the box, you can see the price and shipping details and determine if it is a better deal.

4. Cash Back Portals

A final secret to save money at Amazon before you make a purchase is to use a cash back portal. Each portal has different terms and conditions, but, you can save 3% on select spending categories like men, women’s, and children clothing when you first open a shopping session with Ebates.

You won’t get the savings right away. Instead, you will receive a rewards check once you meet the cash balance requirement. But, it is an indirect way of saving money at Amazon.

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Track Your Purchases

The second set of secrets to save money at Amazon is to track your purchases and submit price adjustment claims when Amazon reduces the sales price of items you recently purchased. As you probably don’t have time to watch the prices of items you have already bought, there are two apps that do this hard work for you.

5. Paribus

By linking your Amazon account to Paribus, this app will automatically track the prices of your recent purchases. If Amazon drops the price within the price adjustment period, Paribus will automatically file a claim for you. Once they claim is approved, your credit card will be remitted 75% of the price difference. Paribus keeps the other 25% as a success fee. This app can also monitor your purchase history for 30 other online retailers and give you cash back as well.

A new feature Paribus has just introduced is monitoring the shipment dates of your Amazon packages. If you pay for guaranteed shipping and the package is delayed, Paribus will submit a refund request for the shipping expenses.

6. Trim

The final secret is the Trim Financial Manager. It monitors your Amazon transactions just like Paribus once you connect your account, but, they pass all the price adjustment refund onto you. You might consider Trim if you have several subscription accounts that ou pay with a credit card or bank account as they specialize in canceling unused subscriptions to help you save money each month. Maybe some you thought you canceled long ago.

If you shop with a Visa credit card, you can also save money by offering electronic coupons that can save you money when the next time you visit a grocery store, restaurant, or retail store. There are new offers each week, so you never know how you might be able to save money on your future shopping purchases.

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Before shopping on Amazon again, you should definitely consider using an app like Paribus or Trim to track your purchases as Amazon is notorious for dropping prices on items without notice. If you can wait to make a purchase, using the CamelCamelCamel price tracking app or searching for coupons or other discount offers can also save you a few dollars.

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