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5 Ways to Sacrifice your Spending and Save for Travel


5 Ways to Sacrifice your Spending and Save for Travel

Every month, I used to update the background of my computer screen to a stunning scene from different regions of the world I desired to visit. While working from 9-5, a job that I did not hate, but also did not love, I would daydream about adventures across the Pacific, swimming with whale sharks and sipping on coconut water. Travel, it seemed, was an unattainable passion; something I desperately wanted to do, but could not afford.


Since I no longer wanted money to be an excuse, I gave myself two options to make travel happen: 1. get a second job or 2. change my spending habits. Working two jobs didn’t sound appealing to this lazy millennial, so I decided to take a look at my monthly spending and see where it was possible to make some cuts. By reviewing my expenditures, I noticed apparent areas that could be adjusted. If you are like me and can’t even save enough for a one way ticket, you simply need to make a few sacrifices. Here are 5 that worked for me and may inspire ideas for your own budget: 

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Share the Cost

Because I lived on my own, almost half of my monthly income went towards rent. Sure, I never had to fight with someone over whose turn it was to wash dishes, but not having a roommate meant I had little money leftover for other payments. Not only that, but I was burdened by all other living costs. Moving in with someone else meant I could also split the cost of utilities, wifi and potentially groceries. Two happened to be better than one and I was even tempted to find a third.

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